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Transform the way you support your coaching clients with pebble

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Amplify your impact and extend your reach with cutting-edge AI technology

Welcome to pebble, where the future of coaching unfolds. As a dedicated life or business coach, you understand the power of personal development and the value of coaching to support it. pebble is here to complement your work by introducing an AI coach avatar – a digital extension of your coaching persona.

Maximize your coaching impact with pebble

Your AI coach avatar

Extend your expertise and unique coaching style through a digital twin, ensuring your clients receive support whenever they need it.

24/7 availability for clients

Fill the gaps between sessions with AI-powered coaching, offering your clients continuous support on their personal growth journey.

Business growth opportunity

Stand out in the coaching market with this innovative service and benefit from a revenue-sharing model that acknowledges your contribution.

Co-create the future

Join us in shaping the future of coaching. Your insights and expertise are crucial in refining pebble to best serve you and your clients.

Experience the future of life & business coaching with pebble

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